My Interest in wedding photography stems from my romantic perspective on life. Being able to share and preserve a very important moment with a couple allows me a sense of fulfillment and pride in my work.
— Dan

I'm Dan. Originally from Chicago, I relocated to Massachusetts a few years back.  I moved to New England because I needed to be around natural beauty, but I was also inspired by the history of the land. Now, it is my mission to translate that inspiration into personal and beautiful wedding, event and portrait photography.


I see myself as not only as a photographer but as an artist. I like to think of my style as candid as well as photo-journalistic; the most touching shots are moments that would otherwise go unnoticed. My goal is to utilize natural light in almost everything I do in order to capture the moment exactly the way you experienced it.  

I received my B.A. in communications with a focus in Public Relations from Purdue University. After school my attention turned towards photography and teaching myself the trade, reading books and blogs on the subject, taking workshops and, of course, a lot of shooting. Now, I am continuously striving to grow as a photographer and deliver the best to my clients.